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We are international team of professionals
We speak few foreign languges to find people that will fulfill your demands from all over the Eastern Europe!
Our team is young and ambitious, we are flexible and always ready to take initiative. Respect and professionalism are our main values.
Polish labour market is our main specialization
Finding for you specialist from Poland is not a problem for us, that is what we do every day and we do it highly professionally! We do it for several years and we try to find the best candidates for our clients.
From the very beginning DS-Communication specializes in the Polish labor market. Our international team is very familiar with all the details and realities of labor market and thus we do our work with great efficiency.
No risk
Trusting our company, you risk nothing. We receive payment for your service only when we will find the perfect candidate, which satisfies your demands.
In DS Communication we focus on trust. We trust our clients and believe that they deserve the best service.
We work fast
We do not have time to wait. We find employees as quickly as possible. We have permanent partners and constant employee base. We will find you a candidate in a moment!
Ability to work fast is one of our strengths. We work with several partners in Poland, so we can find candidates very quickly. Choosing DS-Communication you can be sure that your team will be here any minute.
We have experience in HR
Our experts have years of experience in the HR industry for different companies and at different levels. We try to find special attitude to every client. We are in business for several years. We effectively use this experience in our daily work.
Our team not only speaks many languages but also has many years of professional experience in the area of the student Union. Experience accumulated over years and excellent knowledge of foreign languages and knowledge of labour market allows us to recruit staff efficiently. Rely on the professionals in the industry.
We will do everything for you

Our clients do not need to worry about formalities. We find perfect candidate for the position, take care of all formalities, solve all the problems. DS-Communication works fast and effectively.
Employment of workers from the East is actually not such an easy task as it may seems at first glance. Choosing our company you have the guarantee that you will get employee 100% adapted to your position and working climate, experienced and reliable. We obtain necessary documents and permits required for legal employment in Poland. It saves time and money.

We can make your company successful and prosperous!

Here’s an example of the recruitment process

  • Signing a contract

    For a good start

  • Profiling Candidate

    Who are you looking for?

  • Presentation of the Candidate

    Check possibilities

  • No approval

    Presentation of the new Candidate

  • Acceptance

    Settlement of agreement



Time for new people with fresh ideas in your company! Thanks to us you will quickly find a new, qualified employee who will help you to develop your business.

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